The Fat Guy Breakfast.



I don’t generally admit it but people who know me IRL, know that I’m fat. And proud. Although I keep telling myself that I don’t have a saggy chest yet, the lifestyle that I enjoy needs to be shared with fellow saggy men (and women). Yall need the encouragement. The urge is just eating at me.

The Fat Guy Breakfast is what ensures I remain in the fabulous shape I am in. You can learn from it and change your life forever.

07:00 – Wake up.

07:30 – Get done with SSS (shit, shave and shower for you filthy casuals)

08:00 – Leave for work


10:00 – Enter the nearest KFC as soon as they flip the Closed to Open. Order crispy strips. Consume.

10:30 – Back on the road for the fat guy sales job I have.

Rest of the day – Sweet regret.

If I can’t leave work for sweet, beautiful KFC, I order it.

This might seem like your average day too if you know me, as I tend to only know people who have pledged to live by one of the seven sins, but still. CONTRIBUTE. Tell me what YOUR Fat Guy breakfast is and how you go about it. Comment below lol.

Mine is KFC because ah well. Who doesn’t want crispy, spicy pieces of devil’s breast going into your mouth early in the morning. Yeah. YES KFC IS ALSO PUNJABI OKAY I DON’T CARE LAHORIS LOVE CHICKEN OKAY

Bear with me.


8 thoughts on “The Fat Guy Breakfast.

  1. My fat guy breakfast during my internship was a venti Toffee Nut Latte frappuccino and an almond croissant every single fucking day. It’s a legitimate miracle that I came out of that internship weighing the same as I went in.



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