Behari Kabab – Where to go?

Chicken Behari Kabab

My biggest food-addiction during my 8 years in Lahore: Behari Kabab. I know, I know, the Behari is not new to Pakistani taste-buds and has been one of the most popular indulgences in Karachi but Lahore has seen a recent rise in the Behari’s popularity.

It’s well-known among food circles how Lahoris are crazy about chicken and coming up with a chicken version of the famous Behari kabab was no biggie at all. Noticing the Behari not being an easily available BBQ dish in Lahore however, I decided to take the responsibility to find and try the melt-in-your-mouth delicacy at three totally different places. Let’s jump to the point. If YOU want to have the BEST Behari Kabab in Lahore, or just Behari Kabab ahh hell, these are the places to visit IN ORDER OF AMAZINGNESS.

Hot n Spicy, DHA

BBQ Tonight, Gulberg

The Paratha Roll Area, Liberty

Amazingly, BBQ Tonight is number 2 on my list. Nothing, NOTHING beats the amazing Behari Kabab being offered at this tiny little cafe/restaurant in DHA near Jaidi Paan Shop. The place is cheaper than BBQ Tonight (Rs. 210 for Beef, Rs. 280 for Chicken) and has friendlier service and the most amazing puri parathay. If you’re not into ‘fine-dining’ and take-away does it for you, Hot n Spicy is the place. BBQ Tonight is pretty okay for  a nice long lunch and dinner in an air-conditioned environment. But that still doesn’t make up for the consistently dry Behari they’ve been serving me at least.

The Paratha Roll place has the same prices for Behari as Hot n Spicy but the quality of food is just not right. The only decent form of having a Behari there for me was in a Paratha Roll form (the Beef Behari Paratha Roll for Rs. 75). Without the chutnee though.

Try the places out people. Comment here if you find better places for Behari Kabab in Lahore or have stuff to say about the places I’ve mentioned. Cheers!


9 thoughts on “Behari Kabab – Where to go?

  1. I’d have to disagree with you on BBQ Tonight. The DHA and Paratha Roll area near Liberty are pretty good. Although the food quality near Liberty has always been questionable.

    Fine dining places will always try the behari kabab, but it truly is street food. You cannot ignore it’s appeal sitting in sweltering heat enjoying a good behari kabab with some friends rather than a tutti-fruity restaurant.



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